Travelling in Bihar, India | First sights and impressions

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I visited the state of Bihar sometime ago and it was a fascinating experience into a region & state of India, known for diverse reasons – poverty, culture, freedom struggle, politics, Kosi River & most of all the tenacity of ‘biharis’. Travelling in the rural areas and interacting with the locals busted a lot of myths and also reinstated some of the popular notions. I don’t know what to say of Bihar, but I will attempt it nonetheless through my captures. The experience made me realise that Bihar is indeed one of the most politically influential & geographically complex states of India.

People are very religious and there are many temples and shrines
There is poverty but people are happy, in fact i saw the most happiest kids here, rolling in mud!
Kids here in the villages lead the most chilled out life, amidst tight resources..proving happiness definitely does not depend on money.
Women form a large part of the workforce in rural areas, however, socially, empowerment is a long way to come.
Clay pots laid out to dry in a village
A typical village scene in bihar
Harvest season in Bihar

I hope that you liked my perspective of Bihar.

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