Schengen Visa from Switzerland | Detailed Guide to applying for Schengen Visa from Switzerland for Indians/Indian Passport Holders

Every year in summer, scores of Indians make their ultimate travel dreams come true by visiting Switzerland (alongwith some cities of Europe). One of the main preparations for a Switzerland or Europe trip is applying for a Schengen Visa for Indian Passport holders, which is also a main pre-requisite to travel to Europe. When me and the husband were preparing for our self- planned trip to Switzerland last summer, one of the most time-consuming process was for applying for Schengen Visa from Switzerland. We had to research a lot on the internet, ask our friends and colleagues who had previously gone on how to obtain a Schengen Visa for Indian Passport holders. I have written this post on Detailed guide to applying Schengen Visa for Indian Passport Holders from Switzerland, based on our experiences, collating all the information as well as practical issues faced (and how we resolved them). Read on:


Sushmita Sarkar

Things to do in Lucerne (Luzern) Switzerland | Day visit travel guide to Lucern in SWitzerland

Lucerne (or Luzern) is one of major cities in central Switzerland, popular with tourists all year round due to its charming landscape and heritage. We visited Lucerne on a day trip from Basel (Switzerland) on our 8 day self-planned trip to Switzerland. The pretty city with its beautiful lake, interesting heritage and friendly people made for an enjoyable day spent. Sharing my list of things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland :

[caption id="attachment_5699" align="aligncenter" width="688"] Lake Lucerne, Switzerland on a beautiful sunny day[/caption] (more…)

Sushmita Sarkar

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