Best Souvenirs to buy in Jordan | Shopping Guide for Travellers in Jordan

One of the main components of my self-planned Jordan trip was also researching on ‘what are the best souvenirs to pick up in Jordan ?’ during the trip. I found that Jordan, being located in the interesting middle-east region as well having a rich mix of cultural Arab-Biblical heritage, had many things to offer in terms of handicrafts, souvenirs & other items for the dedicated ‘shopping’ traveller.

Here is the list the top souvenirs I picked up in Jordan and why they are unique.

Skin Products from the Dead Sea - The Dead Sea is renowned for its salt content and dead sea mud for its therapeutic properties. One of the must do things for travellers to Jordan is floating in Dead Sea (as the salt content prevents anything in it to drown). The Dead Sea mud is definitely special as my skin felt super soft & smooth for 2 days after I took the famed ‘Dead Sea’ bath after applying the mud. So I wasted no time in buying loads of Dead Sea skin products on my Jordan travel; there are many big & small skin care brands in Jordan selling Dead Sea sourced skin care products but the renowned ones are - Rivage, Dead Sea Treasures & Levant.

Pro-Tip for buying Dead Sea skin care products in Jordan: The airport duty free has a big counter selling Rivage brand skincare products at 15% reduced prices. So please skin test out the products you want at boutiques during the travel but better buy from the Airport Duty Free.


Sushmita Sarkar

Petra by Night | Guide to visiting Petra Archaeological site by night

Petra – The Lost city of stone of the Nabateans and an UNESCO World heritage site, had fascinated me since I read about this famed city, located in desert area between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, in National Geographic Magazine as a kid. Although Petra’s claim to popular fame was the Indiana Jones Movie (Raiders of the Lost Ark), I was blissfully unaware of Petra’s ‘popular’ fame and longed to visited this ancient city of the Nabateans for its intriguing history, it’s mind-boggling water harvesting system in the middle of the desert and its being one of the important caravan trading cities in the crossroads between Arabia, Egypt and Syria-Phoenicia for centuries.

I stayed at Petra for 2 and half days, experiencing the beauty & grand history of Petra UNESCO world heritage site in various ways -  via a walking trail through the mountains, through the siq, on a donkey ride to Monastery and ofcourse Petra by night. Read about my detailed Petra experience along with pro-tips here. (more…)

Sushmita Sarkar

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