Petra by Night | Guide to visiting Petra Archaeological site by night

Petra – The Lost city of stone of the Nabateans and an UNESCO World heritage site, had fascinated me since I read about this famed city, located in desert area between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, in National Geographic Magazine as a kid. Although Petra’s claim to popular fame was the Indiana Jones Movie (Raiders of the Lost Ark), I was blissfully unaware of Petra’s ‘popular’ fame and longed to visited this ancient city of the Nabateans for its intriguing history, it’s mind-boggling water harvesting system in the middle of the desert and its being one of the important caravan trading cities in the crossroads between Arabia, Egypt and Syria-Phoenicia for centuries.

I stayed at Petra for 2 and half days, experiencing the beauty & grand history of Petra UNESCO world heritage site in various ways -  via a walking trail through the mountains, through the siq, on a donkey ride to Monastery and ofcourse Petra by night. Read about my detailed Petra experience along with pro-tips here. (more…)

Sushmita Sarkar

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