Things to do in Cochin (Kochi) in Ernakulam, Kerala, India | Must do things in Cochin, Kerala

I would like to believe that I have a ‘quickie’ relationship with Kochi city (or Cochin, whatever you may like to call it). I have visited Kochi 3 times now, but each time it has been on short duration of 1 to 1&half days. Neverthless, like the thrilling way quickie relationships enjoyed, I have enjoyed my time in Kochi thoroughly, experiencing parts of it while leaving some things for the next visit. I realised that I have done quite a few things in Kochi, much more than a regular traveller and decided to share my list of ‘Things to do in Kochi/Cochin’ here:-

  1. Sightseeing in Old Jewish Town – The Cochin Jews are widely accepted to be the oldest group of Jews in India. The Cochin Jews trace their ancestry in the city of Cochin as early as the 12th century and the old Jewish town today serves as a poignant reminiscence of a bygone era. Though the Old Jewish town hardly has any Jews living (at last count it was 7), the town itself has been beautifully preserved along with the Pardesi synagogue, the interiors of which are very pretty. There are many souvenir shops in this area, mostly run by migrant kashmiris, but if you have to pick something authentic related to Jewish heritage here, please head to one shop named ‘Sarah’s Hand Embroidery’ which sells Kippahs (star-adorned velvet Jew caps), hand-embroidered handkerchiefs and cushion covers.

Sushmita Sarkar

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