Travel Guide to Neemrana Hotels properties in Alwar, Rajasthan | How to choose the best fit Neemrana Hotels property in Alwar for your easy getaway from Delhi-NCR

Neemrana Hotels is widely popular for providing a non-hotel hotel experience combining the off-beat heritage with culture and laid back yet warm hospitality. The Neemrana Fort Palace in Neemrana, Alwar, Rajasthan has become an iconic property internationally for travellers visiting India, particularly Rajasthan. I have had the pleasure of spending time at all 3 of the Neemrana hotels properties in Alwar, Rajasthan :- (1) Neemrana Fort Palace (2) Kesroli Hill Fort (3) Tijara Fort Palace, and I would have to say that though, overall, all of these properties offer the ‘Neemrana’ experience, each one also has its distinctive charm. A lot of my friends and readers have asked me individually about which property to choose while planning a getaway from Delhi. I thought it best to share the various queries as well as points in a Q&A form.   [caption id="attachment_5596" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Tijara Fort Palce in Tijara, Alwar Rajasthan[/caption] (more…)

Sushmita Sarkar

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