Pinjore Gardens in Haryana, India | Must visit attractions in Haryana

Pinjore Gardens (renamed as Yadavindra Gardens) is a historic 17th century garden located in Pinjore city of Panchkula district,  Haryana, India. It is quite popular local attraction in Haryana and also Chandigarh. Since it is located on the Ambala-Shimla Highway, it’s a popular pitstop for travellers and I happened to take a break for lunch here on my way back from a work trip in Himachal Pradesh some time back. The Pinjore Gardens is said to be one of the well preserved examples of landscaping style of Mughal Gardens. I certainly found the Pinjore Gardens to be a nice place to relax on a sunny winter day.  architectural style, which was renovated by the Patiala Dynasty Jat Sikh Rulers.

[caption id="attachment_5561" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Old Locomotive Rail engine at entrance of Pinjore Gardens[/caption] (more…)

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Eating out in Ambala , Haryana | Ambala Travel Diaries #3

When I was planning the trip to Ambala, I found very few articles or blog posts on what to do there or what to eat. However, I did find a detailed post by someone who had spent six months there and mainly wrote about what all to eat in Ambala, focussing on the markets and street food. When I shared this article with my brother, he was very enthused and declared that we shall ‘raid’ every market when I’m there!! Well, we did spend each evening in Ambala eating out and it was a delicious affair.  By the end of it, I can officially declare myself an ‘Expert’ on Eating out in Ambala : Street Food & Restaurant Guide.

[caption id="attachment_4754" align="aligncenter" width="225"]img_3153 The Best Matka Kulfi I had ~ At Jalebi Restaurant in Ambala[/caption] (more…)

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Skies of Ambala, Haryana | Ambala Travel Diaries #2

I Never Get Tired of the Blue Sky ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Indeed, like Mr. Gogh (who is one of my favourite painters), yours truly is always inspired by the skies.  I always make it a point to gaze at the sky once in the morning before I start the day and even in the pollution filled city of Delhi (where I live and work), it works wonders to my spirit.


I have been fortunate to see many moods of the skies in many places of my country, world and in different situations (like I think the only redeeming part about flights are the stunning sky scapes I get to see!!..anyways I am digressing). Recently, I spent a long weekend in Ambala with my brother and one of my favourite time pass was watching the skies in all its hues. Sharing here some of the moments of  - Skies of Ambala.


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