Foraging Walk in Lodhi Garden New Delhi | Exploring urban foraging and Garden to Table Meals

Lodhi Garden in the heart of Lutyens Delhi is an urban oasis and any regular reader of this blog knows how much I love this public garden/park. So when I read about a foraging walk in Lodhi Garden as part of Delhi Walk Festival, my curiosity was instantly aroused.  I visit this Lodhi Garden almost every day and have sometimes picked up a flowering plant sapling to grow in my pot. But to forage edible herbs & vegetables from the garden (and its nursery) and prepare a meal around them, I did not think it was possible. So I went on this walk to experience the possibility of foraging in Lodhi Garden and to acquaint with it in a completely different way. img_5630


Sushmita Sarkar

Skies of Ambala, Haryana | Ambala Travel Diaries #2

I Never Get Tired of the Blue Sky ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Indeed, like Mr. Gogh (who is one of my favourite painters), yours truly is always inspired by the skies.  I always make it a point to gaze at the sky once in the morning before I start the day and even in the pollution filled city of Delhi (where I live and work), it works wonders to my spirit.


I have been fortunate to see many moods of the skies in many places of my country, world and in different situations (like I think the only redeeming part about flights are the stunning sky scapes I get to see!!..anyways I am digressing). Recently, I spent a long weekend in Ambala with my brother and one of my favourite time pass was watching the skies in all its hues. Sharing here some of the moments of  - Skies of Ambala.


Sushmita Sarkar

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