Purani Dilli’s Al Karam Kebab House ~ A taste of sumptuous Old Delhi cuisine!

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Good Honest Delicious food is always a winner. One of the reasons, we make numerous trips to the bylanes of Old Delhi again and again for its signature cuisine. So, it was a very exciting for me and the husband to visit Purani Dilli’s Al Karam Kebab House in (Gurgaon Phase IV, Super Mart) for a taste of Old Delhi Mughlai cuisine. 

Purani Dilli’s Al Karam Kebab House is a relatively new establishment in Gurgaon, but it’s already become hugely popular, going by the crowds we saw on the night we visited it. The restaurant has tried to recreate (very successfully we must say) the magical cuisine of Jama Masjid area of Old Delhi. The Khansamas (cooks) at Al Karam’s are from Old Delhi’s Matia Mahal and management is done very efficiently by Mr. V.K. Menon. It was clearly the gastronomic night for the husband, who is a hard core non-vegetarian, as most of the menu here is non-vegetarian (so effectively, this is the husband’s 1st official full blown food review).
Mr. Menon sat with us throughout the evening and he came across as a person who really ‘knew’ about food. We had a lovely time talking about food in Delhi, starting from Old Delhi to the newest entrants on the restaurant scene. Coming to the food, the husband absolutely loved the kebabs (Galouti Kebab and Mutton Kebab); he found them to be tender and succulent. I was served Paneer Tikka, which is found to be well marinated, flavorful and much more well done that I have had at some 5 star restaurants.
The Haleem was spicy but went down well with the husband in the chilly weather of Delhi.


The husband was also served Nihari, Mutton and Chicken stew along with naan Rotis; he absolutely loved all three, his favorite being Nihari. He was also served butter chicken, but somehow the way chicken was friend in the dish did not make it happen for him. I was served dal, which was totally comforting in its flavors and it was really enough for me that night, so filling it was!
We were totally full after our mains, but Mr. Menon insisted we would have desserts, which were all from Old Delhi too (How could we refuse). Our favorite was Rabri, which was creamy, sweet but not sugary. Next on our favorite list was Paan Kulfi (out of 5 kulfi flavors served); we were told that kulfis at Al Karam’s are sourced from the legendary Kuremal’s in Old Delhi. I also liked Habshi Halwa, which was unlike any halwa I have had anywhere.


It was a wonderful gastronomic experience into Old Delhi’s typical Jama Masjid area cuisine (without venturing into Old Delhi). If you are a resident of Gurgaon (or visit Gurgaon frequently, you cannot miss out on this fantastic restaurant!!

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