Punjab Grill at Select City Walk (Saket) New Delhi ~ Special Winter Menu Review

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Punjab Grill Restaurant, at Select City Walk Mall, Saket (New Delhi) was a frequent lunch/dining option for me till 2 years back, when I used to be a regular at visitor at Select City Walk Mall. Then, my visits to the Mall became very few and far between, consequently also my visits to Punjab Grill. Then this winter, I came to know that they have come up with a new menu especially for winters by Chef Gurpreet Singh. This was reason enough to make a visit to Punjab Grill. It turned out to be the most satisfying & comforting lunch, accompanied by awesome hospitality for me and a girlfriend of mine, on a chilly dreary winter day.

We started off with achars (pickles) accompanied with popadom, I had the shalgam achar while my friend had the mutton achar. We liked both of them.

The winter menu at Punjab Grill is a set/package menu (Veg – INR 795, No-Veg –  INR 895) and we were served the following during our lunch:-

Kaali Gajar Kanji (72 hour earthen pot matured tangy black carrot juice) – This was refreshing, tangy and had an earthy flavor. Both of us gave it a thumbs up!

Shakarkandi Kamrakh ki chaat (apple wood smoked sweet potato and star fruit tossed in sweet & sour tamarid) – I found this a perfect combination of smoky and tangy, definitely palate tickling dish for starters.

Kharode ka Shorba (Gently simmered lamb trotter soup tempered with fenugreek) – My friend had this and she found it to be good but heavy with the fat in the shorba.

Chukandar ke Kebab (Crisp beetroot kebabs, hung curd & pine nut stuffing) and Dahi ke Kebab – I loved the Dahi kebab and found it to be fresh. The Chukandar Kebab was crisp, slightly tangy and filling.

Bheja Masala (succulent lamb brain with freshly roasted garam masalas) – My friend had this and she liked it very much.

Tabak Maaz (succulent lamb ribs simmered in fennel flavored milk) –My friend had this and she found the lamb cooked and flavored splendidly.

Methi chiken Tikka (chargrilled chiken tikka infused with fresh fengureek) – My friend had this and found it to be okay, nothing special.

Punjab Grill Deg ‘Hot Pot’ – My friend found this to be very different, the mutton was done in an offbeat way, not too spicy and the flavor was exquisite.

Sarson da Saag  – It was smooth , creamy and silky on the palate, a perfectly done sarson da saag! We simply loved it!

Winter bread basket (assortment of Makki di Roti, Bajre di Roti and Palak di roti) – We liked all the breads but our favorite was clearly bajre di roti; it was heavenly!!!

Bhaurangi Biryani – We loved the  biryani, the vegetables in the biryani had been cooked nicely and the rice had taken the flavors of the vegetables very well, resulting in a perfectly cooked, flavorful and fragrant biryani.

In addition, we were also served Dal (since I am a vegetarian and had limited items as per the staff!!), which was really comforting and flavorful. 

Gurh Wale Chawal (Jaggery sweetened basmati flavored with black cardamom & fennel, coconut chips, home made vanilla ice cream) – We thought that this was a real good offbeat desert to be put in the menu (so kudos to the Chef for including this one). We liked the mild sweet flavors of the Gurh Wale Chawal. Though, the accompanying vanilla ice cream was not required.

Bajre ki Choori (Grandma Style Pearl Millet roti & Jaggery Crumble, Lotus Seeds and Chiroli Nuts) – We absolutely loved this dessert too and were having spoonfuls of it!!

We loved the winter menu, overall a good spread  with very different types of dishes being served from the usual Punjabi fare.  I am recommending the winter menu at Punjab Grill this winter with big thumbs up, if you are in mood to try something different, comforting and nice in Delhi.

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