Ikat Maxi Dress by Howrah Bridge ~ A new mommy’s choice for the hot & humid summers

Thanks to the EL Nino effect, this summer in North India has been exceptionally hot, humid & lasting longer than usual. As a new mommy, it has hit me harder and I find it especially irritating to dress up & go out even for essential work. The cool cotton wear has been a boon in such weather. I got this beautiful http://www.segway.fi/?kastoto=demokonto-trading&f0c=19 Ikat Maxi Dress in Long Shirt style custom made from Howrah Bridge. It has been one of my most frequently worn outfits this summer. I wore it recently on a lunch out with the husband.


Maxi Dress: Howrah Bridge
Bag: Benetton
Flats: Catwalk
Shades: Polaroid
Earrings: Anokhi
Watch: Titan
https://mummiesclub.co.uk/bilbord/1721  Anupriya DuttaGupta is the owner/designer of the kolkata based brand enter Howrah Bridge and she is one hell of a talented girl. In addition to the ready to wear line, she also does customization (which makes the brand favorite of mine). This Ikat dress was also a custom made one and I am totally loving the relaxed feel of the fabric and monotone look. 
http://big-balloon.nl/wp-login.php What has been your favorite summer wear to beat the heat (and humidity)??

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