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“It’s a most natural way for me. I can tell people I can run in a saree and I can do five sequences in a saree. I can romance in a saree and I can do everything in a saree. For me, it’s a most versatile garment…it’s extremely sensuous and at the same time it is strong, there is an elegance and at the same time it teases your imagination…It’s very powerful.”, Vidya Balan.(Actor, India)

Ever since I joined the #100sareepact last to last year (2015) and started applying my mind to wear sarees in every aspect of my life as much as possible, I also found that saree is really a versatile garment. As an expression of art in fashion, I think saree can provide a multitude of ways into which a wearer can express herself, each time differently. So here I bring to you some of my #saree looks since last 8 months (Follow My Instagram Handle @myunfinishedlyf for regular saree and personal style ‘exressions’). (more…)

Sushmita Sarkar

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