Thursday, June 05, 2014

Maternity Fashion in India ~ A working woman’s maternity style experiences

First, sharing a happy news on the personal front – I became a mom to a cute girl 2 months back. 
The decision to become a mother, conceive and experiencing pregnancy over a period of 9 months is a both a fascinating & tough journey for any woman, more so for any woman pursuing a career (I am sure many of my readers will understand this). One of the many issues during pregnancy for working women is – what to wear???!!! While the body is gradually changing (and that doesn’t just mean that it’s putting on weight), one still has to look presentable in office, at the same time keeping it comfortable. Also, the period of 9 months easily encompasses 2-3 seasons (winter, summer and sometimes spring or autumn) so one has to keep dressing according to the weather too. I am sharing maternity fashion & style experiences (along with outfits I wore) with the aim that some of my fellow women might find it useful during their own pregnancy and help them better choose/guide their maternity fashion choices.

Experience #1 - A pair of good maternity trousers/pants go a long way
Early on in my pregnancy, I realized that the regular Indian gathered pants (churidars), leggings or salwars that I had been wearing would pose a problem for me and won'r do for office wear (or for any occasion for that matter). Reason being, that while the tummy expands, the lower hips & legs don’t!! So, I bought myself couple of maternity trousers & jeans. In India, we now have many maternity fashion brands, notably Mothercare and Mom&Me. I shopped online on Mom&Me’s website and had them delivered at my place (convenient right!!). Also, I got a pair of lovely ikat pants custom made from Anuradha Raman which came in handy during more formal meetings.

Note: These pants will come in handy post-pregnancy too as the tummy takes considerable time to go back to original shape and one can’t wear regular trousers for some time. So, these are a good buy!

Experience #2 – Layer and Mix & Match
While I wanted to look fashionable, I obviously did not want to spend a bomb on only maternity specific clothing. So, the clever thing was to mix & match. During my early pregnancy (which was during the winters), I layered and mix n matched my regular garments along with my pants. Some of the garments such as sweater dresses could be worn & layered with scarf & jackets/coats. In addition to the below outfits, you can check out my maternity layering outfits here, here, here & here.

Experience #3 – Maxi Dresses are comfortable & fun
Towards the third trimester of my pregnancy, it was spring & early summers. I could not layer up much. While trying out garments at anokhi & soma (my 2 favorite brands), I found that maxi dresses (especially those cinched just below the chest) are both comfortable & fashionable for maternity wear. I fashionably showed off my baby bump in maxi dress by Soma in springtime J

Note: Like the maternity pants, maxi dresses are a good buy as they are useful post pregnancy too (will demonstrate in my subsequent outfits posts to come).

Experience #4 – Shoes are a must buy as feet bloats up
Yes, not only clothes but one has to buy shoes as from the middle of second trimester, the feet start bloating and increase in size. So, one cannot wear the regular pumps or flats. I bought 3 pairs of pumps & flats during my pregnancy.

My pregnancy was an enjoyable experience, inspite of its ups & downs (which I think tends to happen with all pregnancies nowadays). As a working woman, I would like to say to all others who are thinking or going through this – Keep calm, Keep it stylish And Enjoy!!!


sangeeta said...

Stay blessed :-)

Vix said...

Congratulations on your baby girl! I'm sure she'll grow up as beautiful and as intelligent as her Mummy.
You looked absolutely wonderful throughout your pregnancy, cool, stylish and fabulous. xxxx

John Marine said...

Sorry I haven't been a regular to "My Unfinished Life" in recent times. First of all, congratulations to you on becoming a mother. These are all some very nice outfits by you here. I most adore the maxi dress outfit of these featured outfits. Great style, Sushmita! And once again- congratulations on becoming a mother.

opal said...

Congrats :)

Rupa said...

Congratulations!!!!baby girl. Wow! And i love all the outfits here. comfortable and cool.

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

sulagna said...

Congratulations !! Baby girls are the most adorable when they are this tiny , because once they grow up, they get into a practice of wearing your heels and attacking you make up loot !
Glad someone took up such an important topic,which relates to so many of us. I went to my regular darzi and got everything altered and wear them now too

Ola said...

My Dear, I didn't realize until this post! congratulations! My son was born 10 months ago so I know what you are feeling!

Kalyani said...

Many many congratulations Sush! Hope you and little bubby doll is doing well:-) Its rare to see such a fashionable pregnancy journey...stay stylish as a new mommy too!

Sacramento Amate said...

Ahhhhhhhhh I didn´t know you were especting a baby girl, ahhhhhhhhhhhh How fan¡bulous and how radiant you look

magiceye said...

Hearty congratulations!!

Ping said...

Congrats once again! I'm sure she's a cutie! Your personal maternity style is so fashionable. And you were glowing!!

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