Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bhimtal Lake in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand (India) ~ Lesser know beauty of Kumaon

In summers, most of the city folks in north India head to the hills. Which, apart from the over commercialization of some hill stations, makes them totally unattractive to me. I mean why I would want to meet the same people in my city in the hills, eat same kind of food in the restaurants up there and do the same things! So, I always choose the lesser known or lesser visited destinations in the hills. Last summer, we visited Bhimtal, a relatively quiet place in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand and spent 2 relaxing days. While coming back, we made a short stop at Bhimtal lake, which is actually the most famous feature of this destination.

Bhimtal lake is relatively smaller than its more famous counterpart  - Nainital lake, but that makes it lesser crowded too. We visited it in the morning and there were rows of boats lined up, ready to take the 'tourists' for a ride.
For me, the lack of 'people' here was most welcome and was most happily compensated by the crowds of swans who were swimming in the lake & strolling in the steps to the lake. 
The 'unique' feature of this lake is the small island in the middle, which also has a restaurant run by the Uttarakhand Tourism Department. So, one can take a ride in the boat till the island, have a cup of tea and come back, that's a nice travel experience, right!! 
Since I mean to come back to Kumaon region and travel specifically up the road (from Bhimtal to other destinations), I have kept the experience of taking a boat ride for future times. However, if you travel there, do partake in the experience of a boat ride i n Bhimtal lake and let me know how it was!!


AmitAag said...

Bhimtal is quiet and peaceful even in red season. Great post:)

Lipsy said...

Nothing can calm the soul as much as a boat ride on a peaceful Lake!

This indeed looks peaceful and such a beautiful place !

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Sindhu Devi K said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks so much for the details of a less known beauty of nature :)

The Arts & Me

B said...

yayyyy today is a good day.. i read a article on a book review and I have read that book..

then this post and I have been to this place tooo.. it is beautiful..

finally a place where i can say i have been :)


R Niranjan Das said...

Nice post on the beautiful Bhimtal lake. I loved Sattal too.

Haddock said...

Those empty boats should be filled with tourists.

aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar said...

Nice post

Soumi said...

I've been so dying to take a trip! Bloody empty wallet! :-(

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