Friday, April 04, 2014

Pancha Rathas at Mamallapuram ~ Fabulous Ancient monolith rock cut UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tamil Nadu (India)

Pancha Rathas at Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu, India) fascinated me since childhood, when I had read about them in my history text books. The very idea of carving out intricate & huge structures in ancient times (630–680 AD) from a single rock baffled me and I so very much wanted to see it in person. During my extensive family trip through south India, I visited Mamallapuram finally and got to experience the magnificent Pancha Rathas. It was a dream come true and the monuments were every bit fascinating in person as I had read about them!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Masterclass at Diva Kitsch by Chef Ritu Dalmia ~ An evening of fun & learning

First of all, a confession - I am a fan of Chef Ritu Dalmia!!! I admire the lady for a lot of things, but never more for her 'Italian Khana', a wonderful travel & food television series in which she traveled to different regions and places in Italy showing us the country's diverse & exciting cuisine beyond Pasta & Pizza. So, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to attend  Masterclass by Chef Ritu Dalmia at Diva Kitsch last week.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Breakfast at Elma's Brasserie, Mehar Chand Market, Delhi

Elma's Brasserie at Mehar Chand Market is one of my favorite restaurants in Lodhi Road area and my only grouse with the place was that it opened late in the morning, much after our breakfast time was over (especially on weekends, when we love to go out for a lazy breakfast/brunch). So, when Elma's started opening early from last month, we were one of the first ones to go and have breakfast there on a Sunday. It is my totally confident opinion that breakfast at Elma's is one of the best you can have among any eateries in the Lodhi Road area.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

National Bonsai Park at Lodhi Garden, Delhi (India) ~ World of Miniature tree wonders

Lodhi Garden in Delhi (India) is quite well known as an urban natural oasis & park in the heart of Lutyens Delhi. However, even the regulars to this park  don't know or get to see a small section of this park which has been designated as National Bonsai Park. Though it's said to be open  for visitors, whenever I have made it to this section, it's always been closed (which  naturally always increased my curiosity). So, it was a lucky day in spring for me last year, when on one of my walks through the park (and i had my camera with me!!), I saw that National Bonsai Park of Lodhi Garden was not only open to public, but Indian Bonsai Association was holding an exhibition there. The visit to National Bonsai Park at Lodhi Garden turned out to be a world of miniature wonders for me!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Mixing Prints with Howrah Bridge Chasma Print Jacket + Soma Printed Palazzos for a Spring Picnic ~ Today's Look #58

It's spring in my city and though the weather has been a bit freaky with rains, storms & thunder, on the whole we have sunshine days and lovely flowers blooming all around. And in my part of the city, it's the perfect weather to go for spring picnic and that's what I did one fine Sunday morning , when we packed our sunday breakfast & went for an impromptu picnic at Lodhi Garden. 
I wanted to match the lovely vibrant flowers of spring and wore this lovely Soma printed Palazzos, teaming it up with the bright scarf from Howrah Bridge & the oh! so quirky bolero jacket (again from Horah Bridge). And yeah a big floppy sun hat :)

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