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Tughlaqabad Fort in Delhi | Exploring the third city of Delhi – A city of 7 cities

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The capital city of India -Delhi is a city of 7cities. Tracing its historic lineage from the time of the ‘Pandavas’ of the epic Hindu Mythology Mahabharatha in which the city of Delhi is mentioned as ‘Indraprastha’  – capital of the Pandava kings, archaeological research points out to the city being the capital city atleast 7 times, beginning from the Tomar dynasty in 9th century to Lutyens Delhi of British rule. Being a Delhi resident all my life, I find it fascinating that there is still so much to explore around the city for a heritage lover like me. I had been planning to visit Tughlaqabad fort for a long time and there could not have been a better day than a sunny winter morning to do this. The Tughlaqabad Fort and mausoleum of Ghiasuddin Tughlaq are what remains of Tughlaqabad – considered to be the 3rd extant city of Delhi.

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