Friday, January 23, 2015

Travelling on Hubli-Dharwar state highways in Karnataka (India) ~ Travelling on state highways of North Karnataka

Hubli (also called Huballi) and Dharwar are twin cities in north Karnataka (India) famous for their industrial & commercial worth. I travelled on the state highways of this twin city belt, but mostly into the semi-urban & rural areas. Just as I thought, I had seen a lot of new things on the Belgaum-Nippani-Mudhol road travel leg, the landscape opened up its pandora’s box and I was amazed by the change of background, both in terms of people, culture and natural beauty. It was another exciting experience, travelling on Hubli-Dharwar state highways!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Red Helmet by Deepika Shetty ~ A Book Review

Okay, so this book review is different. 
Different because of 2 points – First, I met & knew the author much before the book came out. She is the hugely bindass owner of sadee saree (a Facebook page celebrating everything about sarees) and an arts correspondent in Singapore, whom I met through my friend & designer Anupriya Duttagupta of Howrah Bridge. So, I already had pre-conceived views about her, when ‘The Red Helmet’ came out.  Secondly, inspite of our regular interactions on facebook,  she never once approached me or anyone else, offering a free copy for review (huge respect!!).
So, when I had the time, I bought myself a copy of ‘The Red Helmet’ and read this first time novel (and described semi auto-biographical)  by journalist  & Sadee Saree owner Deepika Shetty. It has one of my best book buys in recent times. So, now that the introductions are done,  scroll down to read why I loved this book.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On the road from Belgaum to Nippani and Mudhol in Karnataka (India) ~ Travelling on state highways of North Karnataka

My job entails lots and lots time on the roads, which is obvious because it has to do with infrastructure development. The first week of January was such a time; I spent extensively travelling on the state highways of North Karnataka. It was the first time I was visiting Karnataka (I have been a couple of times to the capital city Bangalore but that’s about it!!).  My work travel took me specifically to north Karnataka (almost to the border of Maharashtra) and for me it was another great opportunity to see & experience my own country, like I never have before!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Goa to Belgaum in Karnataka travel on first day of 2015

Hello!!!  So, how has been the first week of 2015?? For me, it started off with a bang (more like a travelling bang)!!

I took a morning flight to Goa and landed at Dabolim Airport at lunch time. But before you say wow!! (or that I am lucky), hear the whole story… I had work travel on a road project which meant travelling all over Karnataka for next  9 days,  kick starting on 1st January 2015 (Yeah, I know that wow factor must have vanished fast!!).  But I won’t complain, coz my job takes me places which other people rarely get to see….Anyways, so coming back to Goa, I travelled from Dabolim in Goa to Belgaum in Karnataka on 1st January.  The first half of the day, I was on a flight, which  uneventful,  except some great scenery of the sky (great for me, as I hate taking  flights generally). the second half I spent on the road; it was a beautiful road - National Highway 4A. It took us 4 hours to reach Belgaum by NH4A, but the ride was smooth and the scenery was charming.
Here are some images of my Goa to Belgaum (Karnataka) road trip.

A stunning moment while on the flight!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Shiv Sagar Restaurant in Delhi ~ A Lunch Review

Shiv Sagar is one of the most famous restaurant chains in Mumbai. It is touted as one of the ‘must visit’  places to eat in Mumbai (especially for vegetarians). It recently opened it’s first outlet in Janpath, Delhi and me the eggitarian vegetarian had to eat here & experience for myself  it’s famous Bombay style food. So, on a really chilly winter day, me and the husband went for a lunch date at Shiv Sagar.

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