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Eating out in Ambala , Haryana | Ambala Travel Diaries #3

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When I was planning the trip to Ambala, I found very few articles or blog posts on what to do there or what to eat. However, I did find a detailed post by someone who had spent six months there and mainly wrote about what all to eat in Ambala, focussing on the markets and street food. When I shared this article with my brother, he was very enthused and declared that we shall ‘raid’ every market when I’m there!! Well, we did spend each evening in Ambala eating out and it was a delicious affair.  By the end of it, I can officially declare myself an ‘Expert’ on Eating out in Ambala : Street Food & Restaurant Guide. Best Matka Kulfi I ever had!! | At Jalebi Sweets in Ambala, Haryana

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