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Travel Experience with All Women Group Tour in Uzbekistan | Uzbekistan Travel Diaries

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While preparing for my holiday in Uzbekistan, I was most anxious about the fact that it would be my first time with an all women group.  As far as travel goes, up until that point, I had done all sorts of travel – road trips, luxury travel, family vacation, solo trips, unplanned trips, work trips in remote areas, etc. However, keeping in mind safety & economy, I had come to understand that some travel destinations are best done with a group (I guess age and having a kid for whom you are responsible as one-half primary caregiver does that to you). Now, Uzbekistan had been long on my list (read why here).  I saw a couple of curated group tours for women to the country and was also working out a solo trip. Finally, I went on curated all women trip to Uzbekistan with ‘One Life to Travel’. The travel experience for me broke some myths about travelling in groups and gave me a good idea on what all to keep in mind while booking a holiday & travelling with Women Group Tour (or any package tour for that matter). Sharing my tips on travelling with all women group tours and personal experience travelling with ‘One Life to Travel’.

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