Friday, April 17, 2015

The White House and Lafayette Square in Washington D.C. ~ Washington DC work travel Diaries #2

The White house is a historical and politically significant building in the United States. It is the official residence & workplace of the President of United States of America. It is located in the state capital Washington D.C.  and during my visit last month to this city, I had the chance to visit the White House (from outside ofcourse). The Lafayette Square is a beautiful & historic park square just opposite the White House and it was a nice experience meandering through the square and capturing moments on a pleasant March afternoon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chevon World cuisine Range ~ Food Review

The husband & me and are quite avid fans of ready-to-cook pre frozen food, as it saves time & effort, while giving us the satisfaction that it’s hygienic. So, if we entertain guests over cocktails, have a small get-together or even on a weekend, we love to buy & fry from the ready-to-cook range (like French fries, cheese jalapeno balls, kebabs, chicken balls, etc.)

So, it was fun for the husband to review the Chevon World Cuisine range - Turkish Kofte Kabab & smoked Moroccan sausage some time ago. He totally loved both the flavors and gave it a thumbs up.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Washington DC, the capital city of U.S.A. ~ Washington DC work travel Diaries #1

A lot of my readers must be thinking why I am not so regular here. Well, it's not because I'm inactive or not travelling (which is usually why I post less of travel sometimes), but rather I am travelling too much. I have been out of my city on work travel most of March...hence a bit of inactivity here.

I visited Washington D.C., the capital city of United States of America in mid March due to work. Initially, I was not very excited as my colleagues (who have been there many times earlier) told me it was a boring city. So I wasn't very excited while making arrangements for the trip, more so because it was a work trip. However, my interest increased when colleagues travelling with me, told me how & what way I could enjoy my stay there. I stayed in Washington D.C. for a week and it turned out to be quite a lovely experience for me in many ways. Sharing my moments & experience in Washington D.C. here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lunch at Tamra, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel New Delhi ~ Restaurant Review

Tamra – The All Day Dining Restaurant at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel New Delhi, is the newest F&B offering from the hotel. It’s only about a month & half old and I had to take up the review offer, as I am always excited by the hotel’s ventures as it never disappoints me (and also because they have an amazing PR team who are warm & friendly).

Friday, February 27, 2015

Online shopping experience with

I am such an avid online shopper, a fact my regular readers know so well by now.  Online shopping is just not fun though, all the time. I have had unpleasant experiences once in a while and it has only increased my wisdom as a shopper.

One of the not so pleasant experiences  in my online shopping has been with It is an online shopping portal for indian/india inspired products. The story and theme of the curated products appealed to me when I chanced upon the website. I really liked the beautiful photography and well-designed products on the website.

After many months of window shopping and browsing at the lovely displayed products, I ordered a pair of earrings. The description of the product said – Hand painted Silver earrings and since I liked the image of the product, I promptly ordered them om COD.

The product arrived within a week (as per shipping time provided by the vendor) and it was packaged very nicely. However, when I examined the product closely, I found that the earrings were not hand painted but the image which I loved so much on the website was a actually a cheap print!! It was a mass produced, badly printed pair of earrings. See, my shipping order from the website below:-

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