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Ranakpur Jain Temple in Ranakpur, Rajasthan (India) | Driving Holidays in India

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“Ranakpur turned to out to be the much needed respite from the maddening crowd of the city of lakes (Udaipur)” wrote fellow Travel Blogger Svetlana on her facebook update for Ranakpur. She was on a family holiday in Rajasthan (Udaipur specifically) and had taken a detour to this small town. Those lines (and the beautiful photographs) got me intrigued. We were in the process of finalizing our family road trip to Rajasthan and Udaipur was one of the destinations. I asked Svetlana about the logistics and she so graciously shared all the details. Udaipur turned out to be a mixed bag of pleasant moments and disappointments; the husband who wasn’t so keen in the beginning of our trip decided to take a detour to Ranakpur (and if possible Kumbhalgarh) on way to Mount Abu, on the last night in Udaipur (mostly to appease me and also to get over the disappointing experience of city of lakes). The visit to Ranakpur turned out to be one of the prettiest drives of our whole trip and the Ranakpur Jain Temple certainly bedazzled us with its serenity and beauty.

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